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“[Life After Life] captures one’s heart and mind as it depicts the scope of despair, hope and success of the real life stories unfolding on the screen. We are not often offered a view of the handwork and sacrifice families experience.  A brave and moving film…”
Dr. Les Wong, President, San Francisco State University

Life After Life follows the stories of Harrison, Noel, and Chris as they return home from San Quentin State Prison. After spending most of their lives incarcerated, they are forced to reconcile their perception of themselves with a reality they are unprepared for.

Each struggles to overcome personal demons and reconstruct their fractured lives. Grappling with day-to-day challenges and striving for success, they work to reconnect with family and provide for themselves for the first time in their adult lives.

Told in an unadorned verite style, we experience the truth of their heartaches and triumphs. As their stories unfold over weeks, months and years, the precarious nature of freedom after incarceration in America is revealed.


“Life After Life reveals the depth of harm and trauma visited on men caught up in the US criminal justice system, and offers a tender portrayal of their complex, soulful journeys of re-entry.”
Julie Shackford-Bradley, Restorative Justice Center Coordinator, University of California, Berkeley

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