Tamara Perkins
Director & Producer

Tamara Perkins is a filmmaker and change maker focused on documentaries that inspire dialogue, empower and provide voice for vulnerable communities. She founded Apple of Discord Productions in 2006, producing such films as Niroga, profiling a program she founded which reaches incarcerated youth through Yoga and mindfulness. A grief support facilitator, Tamara developed programs such as the Wisdom Project and San Quentin Media Project that train at-risk youth and incarcerated men in filmmaking as a tool for transformation.

Life After Life began when incarcerated men leading a self-help program in San Quentin asked Tamara to tell their story. She has spoken on prison issues and human rights at agencies and universities such as Equal Justice Society, Houston Institute, and Stanford Law. In 2009 the National Council on Crime and Delinquency presented Tamara with their Media for a Just Society Award. Tamara presented a talk titled ‘Life After: Embracing our Common Humanity’ at a TEDx conference in October 2013 (included above).

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Jesse Dana
Jesse Dana
Cinematographer & Co-Producer

Jesse Dana is a four time Emmy winning cinematographer with over a decade of experience shooting in environments ranging from large sound stages to San Quentin Prison. He has lensed narrative and documentary features as well as 100s of commercials and music videos. Two of his features have received national releases and many of his projects have appeared in festivals all over the world including Sundance, Tribeca and Cannes. To see more of Jesse’s work visit his website at www.jessedana.com.


Simron Gill
Simron Gill
Development Director & Associate Producer

Simron’s interest in film was developed through both her love of photography and a deep-seeded interest in the power of media to highlight and inform social justice issues. She has been a driving force behind Life After Life’s diverse and innovative development and outreach strategy.


Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has been editing documentary feature films for over 10 years.  Films such as the Emmy award winning “A Lion in the House” (2006) and the Tribeca Film Festival audience favorite “Burn” (2012). He studied film at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio.  More of his work can be seen at www.kingjones9000.com.

Executive Producer – Tamara Perkins
Line Producer/Accountant – Jeanine Rodgers
Music – Brian Rodvien
Camera Operators

Tamsin Orion
David L. Brown
Troy Willliams
Marvin Andrews
Mackenzie Mathis
Peggy Peralta

Assistant Editor  Shirley Wen
Editor (Funding Trailers)  Diana J Brodie
Assistant Editor (Funding Trailers) – Peter Matheny-Schuster
Location Sound Mixers

Lou Wiskes
Andy Wiskes



Lead, John Ely, PhD
Assistant, Jill Rea-Dilling



Barbara Oldershaw, Community Engagement Consultant
Dom Brassey, Social Media/Marketing Consultant


Writing Consultants

Gene Durnell
Lisa Marie Rollins



Allie Duro
Desiree Gonzales
Kate Hunt
Max Karon


Fund Development

Tony DiGiulio
Kriz Bell
Janet Smollett
Cynthia Burnett


Community Outreach – Camisha Fatimah Gentry
Anthropologist – Carlos Bazua
Photo Journalist – Lee Kauftheil
Music (Funding Trailers)

Moises Rodriguez Gil “Mano Negra”
Temba Spirit
Luke Thomas
Zoo Street Music


Special Thanks

Purebred Productions
Machine Studio
Zoo Street Music
Equal Justice Society
Stanford Law School
Houston Institute for Race & Justice
The Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity



Kenyatta Arnold
DOC Film Institute
John Ely, PhD
Karie Gaska, MSW
Josh Kirschenbaum
Laurel Ladevich
Eugene Corr
Rhody McCoy
Dr. Garry Mendez, Jr.
Dr. Juanita Mendez
Arnold Perkins
Jill Rea-Dilling
Michael Shaw
Amy Smith, JD, PhD
Anay Tarnekar
Stephen Ujlaki